a serendipitous video

Our stuff: a computer, several cameras, fiber optics, pencils, a small bronze animal, a medical replica of a heart, a 1904 medical dictionary, and a digital print, paper

Meet for lunch.
Everyone brings something from their studio to help keep the focus.

We discuss ideas, work, and space. And finally the title.

WORKS, simple and has a double meaning.  But works.com isn’t available.

Earlier we’d come up with Formal and Informal.
Formal connects to the exhibition, the formal event.  And Informal connects to the blog and all it’s informative and less formal nature.  Maybe a combination of those words.

Before the afternoon is over I take a photo of our stuff.
I don’t plan to have the video going on my camera, but it’s on and I catch about 15 seconds before I realize.

Did we say explain the additional new media is video? Each one of us will create one, or a few. Beginning now apparently.

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