elements at play in my work

I photographed this drawing, this weekend. Here are some of the thoughts that play into it.

…matriarchal and patriarchal, feminine and masculine, cyclical and linear, spiral and hierarchical, being and doing, spiritual and physical, moon and sun, water and fire, joyful and serious.

The work is joyful, the study is serious.

Here is an influential quote from the introduction to Phillip Shepherd’s book New Self, New World, which took me an eternity to read.  So worth it.

He describes two brains, the intelligence we have ruthlessly and ruinously centered only in the cranium, with its obsessive and disassociated cold passion for separatist analysis, objectification and control, and the vast free-flowing, infinitely supple and responsive intuitive intelligence of our second brain: that of the enteric nervous system, immune system and genetic networks, with it’s locus in the pelvic bowl.

The well written sentence prompted the first two works, of which this is one.

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