let there be light

I desaturate a drawing in Photoshop, for use in my website. I like it and post it into Facebook. It gets response. One thing leads to another and within a few days I am talking to Mary.

Is there a place where x-ray view boxes go when they die? I want to see some. Can you ask Rick?  Rick, her husband, is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. Mary was already on it, she’d had a similar thought.

…come to Rick’s office and I will show you his beautiful view boxes that he no longer can use due to digital X-Ray. He is selling them.  How’s that for timing?

I go to Rick’s office. He has several x-ray light boxes.  The largest three are the same size. How’s that for synchronicity?

Might we each use one? I wonder.  I think it would cool! Mary responds.

Remember Mary works with light. And she’s already ahead of me in the thinking. We discuss a couple of spots at the MCA, where things could present strongly. I leave the office with a smaller light box to play with, and a plan to speak with Carolyn.

Today I’m in the studio looking at how light works with my 2D pieces. The idea supports the content. It makes sense. I put the light box under one of the large drawings. Light comes through and the section glows translucent. I don’t catch exactly the full effect in the photo below but both color and line come alive and appear oddly vulnerable in a way that pleases my eyes.

I sit a small Intaglio print with dense composition, on the light box. The black etching ink and the hand painted Higgins inks intensify. I also play with taking a canvas to the light.  Though it glows through in some areas in an interesting way, it’s my least favorite visually.

Will we all use a light box? We’ll see, it holds potential. We do things by majority rule for the most part, but this has to really work for each of us. As it turns out Carolyn is open to the idea. Whether it will be a collaborative piece in the show, we don’t know yet.

… TBD …


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