hers – nothing in stasis

I spent July and much of August working on a female and male pelvis girdle. Above is a black and white photo of what is a full color canvas tentatively titled Hers.

After the research and work on this series, I am more self-aware. My body – is my own. It’s that simple and that complex. With all that’s gone on in the political arena lately this little 13″ x 13″ study especially, feels so relevant.

You might also imagine that I am more aware that our Earth, like our body is incredible and deserves full respect. For me this set up of CREATURE, MAN, and NATURE has taken on deeper meaning. Take care – of the one body and our one world and the life inside, there is a connection and the balance is sacred.

…about the video (which is in experiment stage)
I enjoyed the HERS study and the abstraction which I lay out in the video below. The composition starts simple and basic, eventually the ground work disappears, but it never goes away. To read about HIS and access that video, click here. They’re both fairly short.

The soundtrack works well.  There are some electric and wirey parts, if I could only show you how we made those sounds using a slinky. Sharing process… it’s not possible to share it all, but in bits, it informs, educates and maybe it amuses.

2 thoughts on “hers – nothing in stasis

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