Mountain Mesh

I have been working on the color and the shadow of the mountain. The gradient mesh is the way I create the softness of shading that is an integral part of my drawing vocabulary. I have zoomed in to show the anchor points and gradients which are dropped into each point. When I work up close like this the piece becomes abstract to me. It is intimate in the same way that hand drawing on a large sheet of paper requires me to be right up in it. If digital drawing didn’t offer this kind of visual exploration it wouldn’t be half as interesting. It is easy to get lost in it.

This is my digital workspace. I have noted what each part of the screen contains. Sometimes the space becomes too crowded so I hide parts of it. I took this photo last week when I was just starting this layer, it is now finished.

Hit “a” point click hit “i” hit color click, repeat, repeat….. build the drawing, point click -save.

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