mary’s model of the north gallery

I connect with Carolyn and Mary to see how things are coming along. I ask about artwork and video.  I wonder out loud if we’ll be making the light boxes. I don’t feel the latter will pull together. Should it go?

Mary’s responds …
I will have the one wall piece which will be the mountain and then 3 suspended sculptures 2′ x 6″ d, 3 suspended sculpture 4′ x 6″d and  3 (maybe) freestanding existing pieces, these may be superfluous.

I made a model of the space and I have adjusted my installation somewhat. If you want to send me your images so far I can scale them to go in the model or I can use placeholders of your existing work. I am using .5″ = 1′ scale.

I’m thinking you are right about the x-ray boxes – maybe too late to add that in – maybe too different? Maybe next time?

Mary’s Model of North Gallery at MCA

About her work :
The mountain will be like a large sticker or wallpaper type object so it will be very flat to the wall. She notes … This is just the gradient layer so it is much softer in reality – the top of the mountain  has a cut out edge that follows the form. The stick on surface is like linen – not shiny or weird.

Her work is flat? I think this will work with my largest drawings, they too will be up against the wall hanging like maps. I know Carolyn has a similar set up with her one drawing, no framing.

About her video:
On the video I was thinking of just somehow making a short one that would show the layers of the digital drawing as it opens – so the viewer could see the various parts of it build. And maybe we put the videos in the large nook?

Three short videos is probably best. They’re educational elements. Right now mine is running about 2 1/2 minutes of layering and process. The nook? In the hallway, at the entrance?  I wonder if that will create congestion. It’s a walkway.  We can leave that to Tiffany.

Carolyn’s response is short and … mysterious :
I am here, trying to be as highly functioning as possible.  I will e-mail tomorrow with more info.

As of this writing I’ve not sent Mary my images, but I will soon.  My brain doesn’t work with 3D space in the way that hers does.

…  this is how we roll.


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