the unplanned

Carolyn Lavender speaking at Golden West Gallery talk.    Exhibition: Nature, Natural, Simulated- Jean Vavrek, Carolyn Lavender    Stehekin, Washington, September 2012.

My recent show in Stehekin, Washington is an interesting contrast to showing in the large metropolitan cities that I am accustomed to.  Depending on the time of the year, there are 70 to 200 residents in this small mountain community.  Our 2 person exhibition also included local artist, Jean Vavrek, which is only part of the explanation for the large attendance that gallery receptions receive in this community.  My guess is that maybe 50 to 75 people attended our gallery talk.  This is my third trip to this special place at the headwaters of Lake Chelan.  Last year I spent some time there with my sister, at her cabin, constantly photographing the woods everywhere we hiked.  I also took a snapshot of this stuffed beaver that is in the building that also houses the art gallery.

Taxidermy beaver in case, Stehekin, Washington

A few months later I used that beaver image in my drawing, The Woods- Preservation.

Eventually, Jean contacted me, and asked that I apply for a show with her.  I made some new work for the show, but also exhibited The Woods- Preservation.

And, when I did my portion of the gallery talk, it was fun to point out that it was actually “their” beaver in my drawing.  I think the preserved beaver was also enjoying the moment from his regular spot in the next room.  A little moment of unplanned.

The Woods- Preservation detail (The Stehekin Beaver)

6 thoughts on “the unplanned

  1. You know that I have seen this work numerous times, and I love the piece Carolyn. I noticed the little beaver, like I noticed everything else. But I can’t say that he stood out more than any other part of the composition, at least not for me.
    But now that you have isolated him in story and form, you’ve enhanced him even more. He looks so big and almost centered…. he’s all I see right at this moment.

    …like him even more.

  2. I was talking to a couple of high school students about you and your work and I would love to bring them to your next show. I agree with Monica’s comment…hearing a personal story about a piece of the composition heightens the interest, and for me, the enjoyment of the work.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for your comment. Well, you have a choice of 2 shows. Of course this blog is about the 3 person show Monica, Mary and I are doing for Mesa Contemporary Arts. The three of us are making new work for this show, and the show opens in January. I am also having a 2 person show at Willow North Gallery with Christy Puetz, which opens October 5th. It will be a 2 month show, and is open for the First Fridays of October and November. The rest of the time is by appointment. The gallery direct, Robrt Pela, lives down the street and is willing to open the space as needed. This show will be all older work for me. It is kind of a mini-retrospective. I can meet you at either exhibition to meet the students and talk about the work. Thanks so much for the interest Mary.

    • I wanted to bring the students tonight but a close friend of mine is having surgery this afternoon and I am going to be her advocate…you can’t go into a hospital these days without someone to stay on top of things. I am shooting for Nov. 2nd!

      • November 2nd sounds great. I am so glad you are planning on it. My Mom ought to be there that night as well. I do know how people need assistance in the hospital. It is sad to say, but if you care for the person, there should be someone there at all times. Not to say that hospitals and staff don’t try their best, but there is only so much they can do. Your friend is very lucky, I hope all goes well for her.

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