Saguaro Interior/Exterior

This is a look at how I take drawings and translate them into sculptural forms.

Core Drawing, digital, various sizes for There Is a Mountain, CMN

Core Drawing is a drawing of a cross section of a cactus.

Cactus Fabrication

Cactus Fabrication is the exterior of the cacti with the blossoms falling away. I am reversing the order to look at the inside of the plant first -then the exterior.  The Saguaro’s method of reproduction, the flowers falling, is contained within the rib structure.

Sculpture fabrication

I want everything about nature to happen at once in my work and to represent the visual energy involved in plants and their environments.

1 thought on “Saguaro Interior/Exterior

  1. This is a beautiful and intelligent piece. Please consider this remark as a friend of your work trying to help.

    Falling flowers are prettier, but unless the flower matures into a seed bearing fruit there isn’t going to be an reproduction. Botany aware folks may interpret this as a cactus that is not going to reproduce.

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