how things are looking

All three of us have been members of artist run gallery spaces. Mary is still a member of one. Having done it numerous times, we’re each  familiar with installing exhibitions. Though we’ll have input, MAC basically takes care of most of the work. Marco Albarran is the new gallery specialist / preparator. Mary and I are pleased to hear the news, we’ve both worked with him.

Quick rundown on progress: Mary (Nature) is complete with her mountain. The printers will install it  – just after the New Year. Her sculptures are ready, and the lighting is getting finalized. Carolyn (Creature) is finishing up her very large work. Today her and I went over photographing artwork. I am (Man) cleaning up the edges on my painting and my smaller drawings are still at the framers, I’ll be picking them up next week. Most of the work gets delivered by the 11th of December and the show opens exactly one month after that.

We imagine what the space might look like. Do we have enough work? Will it flow? Leave it to Mary to make a clean and detailed model of the North Gallery.

model from aboveI did it 2 ways, begins Mary – one with Carolyn on the south wall, Monica on the north – and the other way around. Take a look, our work is just so synergetic in this space. I was just mocking it up to see about spacing so don’t look at the placement order just the size and scale, she says. Also I can mock it up with your work  intermixed which I am happy to do if you want. 

model M on n. wall model M on S wall

model C. on N wall

Carolyn responds with how wonderful it is to see the model ... the scale of our work together seems really great. She’s also clear, she prefers her work be on the South wall. I’m good with that. She continues with how much she loves the way Mary’s piece fits the back wall … so impressive. I agree.

model C on South wall

I feel we need to move Carolyn’s and my large works to the front of the space, to even out  activity. My wall seems busy, maybe one larger work or two small ones go out into the entrance space.

model 3jpg


Mary adds:  I think I will move two of my suspended pieces in toward the center – they are a little too close to your pieces. When I ask about what she might show out in the entrance area, she’s still thinking … I could maybe show my inside of cactus drawing flat. 

The conversation ends with someone saying … This is a powerful show at least at
1/2″ = 1′ !  

Earlier Tiffany communicated some cool news. Come back, we’ll fill you in.

9 thoughts on “how things are looking

  1. This is going to be a wonderful exhibition. These three artists are the genuine article.
    Hardworking, talented, inspiring and highly intelligent. It’s time they get the recognition and attention they deserve. I respect and admire them greatly.
    Dan Britton

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