docent talk


Tiffany drops us a note: Would you be interested in speaking to the Docents about your exhibition? Since there are three of you, I thought it would be best to have you discuss the work in the exhibit, so we can do this as a gallery talk. It would be wonderful for the Docents to hear from you first-hand and have a better understanding of your work, so they can communicate it during their tours.

Aside from giving the talk this evening, Mary and I are seeing the complete install for the first time. As one approaches the end of the long hallway the exhibit and artist names appear in white letters on a  turquoise backdrop . That’s some expression already.


You turn right and the entire space is active and yet beautifully still.


Introductions occur and Mary begins the evening. I think I know all about her process. I learn more. People are curious about materials and the digital drawing intrigues everyone. I mention we have a process video in the blog. Someone notes the bright details scattered across the surface and Mary tells them its bits of Terrazzo flooring she’s composed into the print. She also makes note of the connection between creating this work and her printmaking background. IMG_3662

Carolyn points out the various animals in her large work, and tells about where she photographed each one. The group asks if there are any birds in the drawing. She points one out and everyone enjoys seeing it. It’s a seek and find process for them. We hear about her video, her yard, and the stray black cat we see on the screen. It’s drinking in the garden fountain. She explains how days later she finds him dead, she guesses a car may have struck him. He’s now buried in her property. One of the Docents comments the work is thought-provoking.
IMG_3664I finish the evening. People relate easily to the body. I share what I think is a humorous story of how things began. I end it by saying it needs to stay in the gallery, and between us. Tiffany finds a frog in the large self-portrait. And she asks about the snake. Someone mentions they could keep looking and keep seeing new things. There is an MD in the house, and he comments on the accuracy of the various structures. As a runner, a yogi, and artist, I’ve studied human anatomy for years. He notes an EKG line.IMG_3671

The evening is full of intelligent questions, thoughtful comments and many laughs.  Tiffany you have a good group.

Below are photos we took just before we got going. We’ll show you more gallery photos and artwork in the posts to come.
As I pull this post together I think about the beautiful maquette Mary made. She visualized the final layout well.


Carolyn Lavender, Works on Panel and Paper and Video


Mary Shindell, Print and Sculpture


Monica Aissa Martinez, Works on Paper and on Canvas

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