artist reception – a bit of rain and one fine crowd


This framed image greeted guests as they arrived to our reception.

IMG_3711Despite rain, we got off to a great start. I took my camera and planned to take lots of photos. But that didn’t happen. I didn’t think about pictures.

Here is all I captured …
Rick, Mary’s husband, sent  beautiful flowers. ↑ Thanks Rick!

The hallway wall shows a few smaller works from each of us. It’s a solid introduction to what you’ll see as you come upon the entrance to the North Gallery. ↓

b2 The stream of people coming and going was steady the entire evening.↓

IMG_3699How did this come about? What did you do to make this happen? The grouping is greatI
If I could focus I’d explain some of the story – how we connected, how we applied for the show. If I was not so focused and being lighter I’d say, I picked up the phone and asked! There is truth in all of it. Except I don’t believe I ever picked up the phone. I emailed, it’s the 21st century.

Mary ↓with a group of friends. They were taking too long, so I shot the photo.


Mary, Carolyn and I ended the evening with these last photos. I’m including all of them, because we’re standing at slightly different angles, so you can see some of the background work of each.  And because I like all three of them.



IMG_3709 There were a number of people taking photos, including Mesa. As we get access to them, we’ll post them.

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