the bat

Mary, Carolyn and I have been busy since our last posting back in April. Among other things – Mary had a solo at 515 Arts. Carolyn and I went to New York to go see art. We saw lots of it. I became more interested in space. As artists we always deal with it but somehow I became more engaged in the experience of art – space – work.

Mary was also in New York, she went for her son’s wedding. I caught up with her last week on the last day of her show. I mentioned to her that Carolyn called me earlier in the month. She’d had an idea pop up while working in her garden. It could be the start of our next project – a clear collaboration – an installation. We talked specifically about individual area, handling space and the use of materials. I liked the abstract very much. I told Mary I would let Carolyn give her the run down.

In the meantime Creature Man Nature – a very small version of it – will show at a college here in the valley, this winter.

As we wind down from a busy summer/year and begin a new art season we’ll be considering what comes next. Will we keep this blog? Change its name? Go outside of Arizona? – TBD.

In the meantime today I spent the afternoon at Carolyn’s studio. I am working on small anatomy studies of creatures … that’s her arena … I wanted to see a bat skeleton she mentioned having. I forgot my camera. She brought out hers and here are a few photos of things that caught my attention.

turtleskull birdskull gekko

A good idea, some interesting photos – not necessarily directly related but are the cause of the update and this post.

It’s organic.

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