celebrating women’s history month

Estrella Mountain Community College in Avondale invited the three of us to show for the month of March, in celebration of Women’s History Month. The exhibit is titled Body Creature Nature.

We installed on Tuesday. It was unusual in that it’s not an actual gallery, but more of an exhibition area. Think striking museum glass case – because that’s what it is. We are pleased with the visual result which is rich, warm and inviting.

Below are the one larger work from each of us. There are some nice surprises in this particular exhibit – things you might not have seen before.


Portrait, 2011
graphite, gouache on canvas
45 x 86″


Female Torso – Anterior View
Casein, Gouache, gesso on Canvas
45 x 35.5


Cactus Fab
Archival injet print
77 x 14″


Estrella info sheet

Information sheet

Below, we work together easily to install. Naturally conversation starts up with what might be next.

1507915_10152240918207298_1950747415_n 1911787_10152208614859869_1401359459_n 1959921_10152240926297298_1834233430_n 998029_10152240918167298_152023687_n IMG_5703

The exhibit will run the entire month of March.

Thank you Estrella Mountain Community College.
And a special thanks to Kathleen Iudicello, PhD. the Interim Dean of Academic Affairs.

a side note:
After the install we spent the afternoon talking about what may come next. Out of that conversation we decided to make changes to this blog. I’ve already changed a few things in the layout. While the blog was created for our last exhibit Creature Man Nature, we plan to continue working together and consequently the blog will reflect things as they move forward.

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