It’s Called Monkey Balls or Osage Orange

Carolyn brought me a beautiful gift last week. It was this spiky pod.


A gift from Carolyn

A gift from Carolyn


I later photographed it and took it into Photoshop and Illustrator. I made it into what Adobe calls a symbol. It is a digital instance. I make them a lot, and then I sometimes use them in a layer or texture or I like to take these instances and make them into something out of context.

Pod as texture

Pod as texture

This pod will become some sort of hovering celestial body in my drawing of the moon and the Estrella Mountains and then become part of my user-defined library, my collection of digital instances.

Hovering Pod

Hovering Pod


2 thoughts on “It’s Called Monkey Balls or Osage Orange

  1. Mary, I hate to disagree but I’m going to pull rank on you and declare your botanical object to be a sweetgum fruit (see rather than an osage orange (see Sweetgum is a pretty common street tree in temperate parts of the US, but I don’t know if it would survive under Phoenix area conditions. Osage orange is a bit tougher. There used to be an osage orange tree growing in Tempe, east of Mill Avenue very close to the foot of Tempe Butte (near the old flour mill). I haven’t looked for it for many years, so I can’t say whether it still survives.

    • Thanks Matt, I was looking on Google and it was rather confusing. I like the Sweet Gum name better. I remember Osage Orange Trees in Tempe also. One of my students brought me an orange once and I drew it. It didn’t look at all like the thistle type object I had but now I will never trust Google again!

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