digital landscape

This is a drawing I am working on for the January show. I photographed my computer tablet so you can see how I work. The part of the drawing that is red is the part I am working on for this post.

line layer

zooming in 200%

The scale is large 48 x 216″. As you can see, there is a lot of ground to cover. This layer is important because I will use it to create the color and tone in the drawing with live paint and the draw inside tool in Adobe Illustraitor. Because I know I want to use these tools it is important that I make each area a closed shape. That means no open forms.

zooming in to 400%

Notice all the open forms and overlapping lines-they were drawn as I was more concerned with building the form of the mountain. Now I am cleaning them up as a foundation for future manipulation.The whole drawing requires this kind of attention at this point so that I can push it farther as I continue to add imagery and drawing.

clean forms

Now the forms in this area are closed. I work back and forth horizontally across the picture plane.  It will take about six days to clean up the entire drawing. Because I do the first part of the drawing with the Wacom Pen using the pencil tool  it looks more free and loose and I like to have that as the base of the drawing -it does make the clean up a labor of love though.

Yes it is verifiable-I am a geek.