The Work of Art

I speak to the work of making art. I incorporate different kinds of labor into my work and I enjoy going from one process to the next. For “Creature, Man, Nature”  I am finishing the components of “There Is a Mountain”, an installation including illuminated sculptural forms and digital drawing. In my last post I talked about fabricating the sculptural part of the installation and now I will show what it is like to build a computer generated drawing. The drawing is of South Mountain (in Phoenix, AZ) from the south east. This is a drawing about the texture, color and intricacy of the mountain but it is also about employing some traditional tools of landscape drawing and ignoring many others.

There Is a Mountain

There Is a Mountain, digital drawing, 120 x 300″

I use the most basic landscape concept – diminishing scale. This is the observation that things appear smaller the farther away we get from them. In this drawing the plants on the mountain serve that purpose. In addition to the elements of the drawing, the sculptural forms shown in my last post will actually become larger as they physically move away from the mountain. The viewer will be in the drawing.

close up

The image above is a 10 x14″ section of the mountain. I used imagery from terrazzo samples as part of the terrain and some line similar to that used in  geological maps. Probably the best preparation I had for drawing digitally was printmaking because layers are an integral part of both digital drawing and traditional printmaking. I made a digital sketchbook of botanical images in order to populate the mountain. I then turned them into something Adobe Illustrator calls symbols and placed them on the mountain.

creasote only

sag 2 sm copy

sag 3 sm copycholla sm copy

Stay tuned my next installment will include electrical wiring.