deer days of august

There is a quietness and a heaviness to the August Phoenix heat that really works with my current drawings.  I am doing delicate, realistic graphite drawings of deer with no backgrounds.  I like the camera distortion in the one below.  These are deer that I photographed last summer when I was in Stehekin, Washington.

Carolyn Lavender Stehekin Deer 2– in progress

These very simple drawings are meant to show with my Woods- Fabrication drawings.  Pictured is a full size photoshop sketch for the next drawing.  This drawing will be full of bear objects inserted into a Stehekin woods scene.  I did see 2 actual bears when I was in Stehekin, but did not take photos of them.  Only one was close enough, and I was too busy being thrilled by the experience.  So, the deer will be my contrast.

Carolyn Lavender photoshop sketch for The Woods- Fabrication Bears and Stehekin Deer 1

These drawings will be shown in my two person exhibition with Jean Vavreck in the Golden West Gallery, Stehekin, Washington.  Show opens September 7th, 2012.  It is an interesting place to show, the only way to get there is by foot, boat, or plane.