We are pleased to notify you that your North Gallery proposal was selected. Your exhibition will be on display at Mesa Contemporary Arts from January 11 through May 5, 2013.* Due to length and time frame of your exhibition, it will overlap with two receptions: Friday, January 25 from 6-9pm (5-6pm VIP/Members’ preview) and Friday, April 12 from 7-10pm (6-7pm VIP/Members’ preview). If there is a possibility that you can be in town for the receptions, please let me know so we can add it to our publicity materials. Our audience always enjoys the opportunity to meet artists during opening receptions.

Patty Haberman
Mesa Contemporary Arts

*dates are subject to change

hmmm…hadn’t noticed that asterisk until now…
anyway… yes, we’ll be there.

Now let’s get to work.

“art’s never the same thing twice”

Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and effects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect.

We’ll be doing it again. Mary, Carolyn, and I have met a few times since last March.  A new plan for working together took hold yesterday.

My favorite comments (paraphrasing) of the afternoon:

Mary Shindell:

On our working together again:  Art’s never the same thing twice.

On crap and coziness: Right now, I’m working over at the Jackson studio. I put crap everywhere. I want to make it cozy. I want to feel like I am working close to my stuff, not be in vast space.  I want cozier.

About her work: I want to take the most insignificant, inconsequential things in nature and make them have significance.

Carolyn Lavender:

On what she might do: I plan to have new large work.  And also a large grouping of my Journal pieces.  The Journal pieces (each alone), are not very defensible.
(That is to say, they are strong as a grouping.)

About a working title for the blog:  Particular Purpose…I like the particular.

and me:

To Carolyn about why the cat is free to roam my studio:  I don’t try to control her.  Cause I mostly control everything else (…in the studio).

To Carolyn: How did God come into this conversation? 
Carolyn: You brought it up! 

…and I won’t say who said it exactly or about what:

You do see why we want to do this again?
New work. New blog.  New media.